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Innovation, Development and Vision

Driving Change

The “Driving Change” group is a group of innovative design and manufacturing companies that provide products for the high-end and middle segments of the leisure vehicle market.

Started over 30 years ago with the first folding flyscreen door for caravans,  today Driving Change introduces new concepts every year for the RV market and beyond.



Our product range includes flyscreen doors, window blind systems, room dividers and TV blinds. We have been supplying leading OEMS in 26 countries for over 35 years. 

In 2012 InnoSlide developed an innovative slide-out system that distinguishes itself from all other systems on the market.

The first high-end electric

compact bike on the market that can be customized for personal and business purposes.


About us

Driving Change is a vision that reflects our path to success.

Started as Horrex in 1987, today Driving Change is a group of companies that develops, innovates and produces a wide range of products for the RV market across the globe.

We never copy products, we innovate and develop within the spirit of what a wise man named Kennedy once said:

“We choose to go the moon, not because it’s easy but because it’s hard”.

We believe that in this way we bring value to our customers' business.

We are continuously improving ourselves, striving to be as innovative and as successful as we can. 

We would love to introduce you to our products and concepts from our well-known flyscreen and window blind products to more recent developments such as the Inno Slide and the Clike.

Through consistent innovation, Horrex has developed a great portfolio of global patents.


- A flyscreen which can function both as a roller and a rotary flyscreen - 9401343

- Window or door covering assembly - 2016894

- Insect screen assembly - 2016942


Slide-out Room and operating mechanism and components thereof - EP3277539


Bicycle system including a bicycle and an accessory - 2016993


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Driving Change Group 

Taanderijstraat 19

3133 ET Vlaardingen
(The Netherlands)

T: +31(0)10 261 9600

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